PMT Scientific has a professionally staffed project team to assist owners, architects, and healthcare facility planners in the design of equipment for specific departments, along with proper placement of equipment. We have provided these services on hundreds of projects based upon over 25 years experience in hospital and health care equipment design and fabrication. Services range from simple room layouts to the design of entire departments, utilizing computer-generated design software.



PMT Scientific will assist owners and healthcare facilities to arrange equipment delivery and set up.  Our project team will work with your facility to check the available space to ensure all equipment will fit and can get through doors, staircases and around corners.  We will also guide you in walking the pathway that the new equipment will take to ensure final location can be accessed.  Upon arrival at your facility, PMT Scientific’s  team will visually inspect the equipment to ensure no damage occurred during transit, remove all packaging materials and even remove existing equipment (following decontamination guidelines).  We will also test the equipment for proper operation and demonstrate use once connected by others to plumbing and electricity.