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Grossing Stations

Furnish your pathology laboratory with custom, state of the art, grossing stations. Safe, ergonomic, and customized to meet your specific demands. Our full line of stainless steel grossing workstations are equipped with ventilation styles to match intended procedural applications. The 'DG' series grossing station comes standard with back-draft ventilation, whereas our 'DD' series features back and downdraft ventilation. Each unit is shipped with factory installed exhaust ducts which can be connected to building ventilation systems. The combination of the ventilation configuration best for your application and your in-house HVAC system assures that dissection procedures are completed free of harmful vapors and irritating lab odors.

PMT grossing workstations have been developed and engineered to efficiently integrate all pathology functions while maximizing laboratory safety, ergonomics, and space requirements. We offer many different types of workstations that fulfill multiple roles in today’s laboratories. We utilize the highest quality elevating mechanism that allows for optimum ergonomic workstation access.

PMT Scientific has extensive experience in conceiving and delivering projects ranging from a basic unit for the smallest facility to an entire laboratory at the largest hospital. Our ability to customize each unit to your specifications ensure each customer’s needs are met.

PMT Scientific’s grossing stations have been engineered to handle all pathology functions and optimize laboratory safety, ergonomics and space utilization. PMT Scientific grossing stations have the largest ventilation grille area in the industry, ensuring the highest level of fume evacuation. PMT Scientific’s Prodigy™ grossing workstation is an exceptional value with most features professionals request as standard equipment.

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PMT Scientific designs and manufactures grossing stations and other equipment for pathology, histology, and veterinary laboratories and morgues.  PMT Scientific will deliver to you the lab equipment you need on time with maximum quality and value!

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