Anatomy Tables

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PMT Scientific produces anatomy dissection tables to your demanding requirements. A wide variety of accessories can be configured to suit your needs. PMT Scientific is the industry leader in cost-effective dissecting tables.

Anatomy dissection tables to suit your demanding requirements

*   Multiple options for anatomical material collection systems depending on your work flow

*   Anatomy dissection tables can be mobile or stationary

*   Sizing customization can be provided to maximize your lab space

*   A variety of storage and media holding accessories can optimize functionality

Configure your table to include exhaust ventilation

Creative ventilation solutions to meet your lab and building needs:

*  Quick disconnect options

*  Single and double sided vent connection systems

*  Customized to meet unique building ventilation requirements

Customize and Request a Quote for your Anatomy Table

Industry Leader of Customized Anatomy Tables

PMT Scientific can customize your anatomy tables to fit your needs.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.