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Anatomy Tables

Durable high quality stainless steel anatomy dissection tables. Designed specifically for settings that include laboratories, veterinary, morgue, funeral homes, veterinary and necropsy rooms. Our tables can be configured to meet any demanding environment, to include sizing, accessories and ventilation.

Anatomy dissection tables to suit your demanding requirements

  • Multiple options for anatomical material collection systems depending on your work flow
  • Anatomy dissection tables can be mobile or stationary
  • Sizing customization can be provided to maximize your lab space
  • A variety of storage and media holding accessories can optimize functionality

Configure your table to include exhaust ventilation

  • Creative ventilation solutions to meet your lab and building needs:
  • Quick disconnect options
  • Single and double sided vent connection systems
  • Customized to meet unique building ventilation requirements

Industry Leader of Customized Anatomy Tables

PMT Scientific can customize your anatomy tables to fit your needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Dissecting Cart Photo 2A

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PMT Scientific designs and manufactures grossing stations and other equipment for pathology, histology, and veterinary laboratories and morgues.  PMT Scientific will deliver to you the lab equipment you need on time with maximum quality and value!

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